What brings Dormito.re to you?

We provide you the set of useful online tools which help you run your accommodation business with ease.
Its features help you to handle everything, from wide promotion and booking, till guest management and payments.


Your own website

Dormito.re is your virtual showroom that proudly presents your accommodation capacities to the whole world in the same charming manner on a mobile phones, tablets or desktops. Your future clients see your offer with the same quality on different devices and everywhere they look, they will get the same falling in love experience with your place. They can contact you immediately or book your place without any commission. It’s like you are staying near them and helping with accommodation. You got also a QR Code that points to your website so you can print it on your business card.

Accept bookings and direct payments

Clear and intuitive booking module allows your guests to create direct bookings and essentially shorten their decision time. Guests can see free accommodation capacities and those that are already booked. Just with one touch they can make their own reservation. You are immediately notified on your phone. The best of all is that the booking is completely under your control and authority and we don't charge any commission for it - all money belongs to you. You can even accept direct payments and offer your guests to pay via PayPal or credit cards.


Reception desk

Dormito.re knows your clients almost like you do. It remembers when they will come and leave, how much kids they have, when they have birthdays and which special wishes or needs they have. It will notice if and when they had been last time at your place, what services they are used to. Dormito.re will let you know everything you need to know about your guests and will keep you informed everywhere and every time, even via your phone. You have integrated TODO planner, so you can automate commond daily tasks (changing blankets, towels, guest arrivals and departures, etc.)

Contact book

Dormito.re stores all your business and guest contacts at one place, accessible from your phone or computer, so they are always at your hand. These data are completely secured and they are only yours, so no third party will ever see them. You can manage, update and back-up them easily. You will be always up-to-date and never feel lost when you’d like to send some news to exact group of people or invite some guests via special occasions. Having this, you can make your guests return by preparing some special offers for them (i.e. in off-season)


Accountancy and invoicing

Managing invoices, payments and bookings is significant part of your business and Dormito.re brings you the solution to keep the paperwork clear and simple. With Dormito.re you can easily issue and edit invoices, keeping the evidence of reservations and payments and run all the communication related to your guests. You can export all data for other purposes or control affairs through your mobile phone.


To communicate your business on-line means to be present on many internet places - agencies, tourist portals, social media etc. Dormito.re gives you a chance to cover them all at one place. Your presentation on Dormito.re is integrated to other internet services and media chosen by you. So you have full control on what and how it is shown, your presentation looks everywhere just the same. We are open for every new integration that you need, so we listen and implement according to your wishes.


Branding support

Dormito.re respects your brand and you professional name. We support you in your efforts to raise the value of your business and service quality. Even more, we are happy to help you to promote your own brand. You can brand your web presentation completely independent from us by using your own domain name, logo and other necessary stuff that are included. We will remain completely hidden to your guests and hole service will appear like it is yours.

Mailing campaigns

Nowadays it is necessary to reach all your old guests and potential new guests to tell them something exciting about your new promotion period (hint “offer special promotion price for your old guests and their friends”) , to present them new accommodation offers or just to keep in touch with them. Dormito.re brings you the possibility to create fancy and targeted e-mail campaigns based on your guest database or other contacts. You can easily organize your contacts into meaningful lists, create beautiful emails without any design knowledge and measure the success of sent campaigns.