Everything we do is dedicated to your business growth

Rising the value of your business

Our mission is to simplify the daily business tasks for small and middle accommodation owners, family hotels and tourist agencies, by helping them to improve their presentation, organization, communication, performance and sales. We are here to help them fill capacities and to start better knowing their guests.

Our vision is to become the direct distribution channel for accommodation owners on all platforms, helping them to promote their business and to keep in touch with their guests. We also provide the best user experience to their guests on mobile devices.

Our main goal is to bring the set of useful online tools which will help owners to handle their daily tasks easily and to present their digital content to their guests in a proper way. We strive to improve owner's communication with his guests by using targeted emailing campaigns integrated with social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Remember, we do not provide any accommodation services and we have no ambition to do this in the future. It’s your job and we will help you do it even better. We are here to help growing your business.

Safety first

Trust is what counts. You can be sure that we take your privacy and safety of your data extremely seriously, and all sensitive information stays only with you. Everything you do is protected with the strongest cryptographic security that uses 2048-bit key. That means you can work from anywhere (even in open WI-FI networks) and your data will be always completely protected.

Your satisfaction is our priority

Any suggestions are more than welcomed, no matter if is it an improvement suggestion or a critics. We would appreciate if you could give us a testimonial about your case.

All the best
Dormito.re team